The connoisseur of art creates a miniature portrait of Polish princess Lucia Francisca Lubomirska.

Henry Friedrich Fueger

Миниатюрный портрет польской принцессы Люции Франциски ЛюбомирскойМиниатюрный портрет польской принцессы Люции Франциски Любомирской
Миниатюрный портрет польской принцессы Люции Франциски Любомирской

(1751 Heilbronn - 1818 Wien) A significant miniature portrait of the Polish princess Lucja Franciszka Lubomirska, later Countess Tyszkiewicz (1770-1811) with leather case. Oval portrait depiction of the princess facing left, with a gaze towards the viewer, plucking the wing feathers of the fleeing, kneeling Cupid. She is dressed in a light blue gown, accentuated by lace and pearls, and a dark velvet bodice. On her head, she wears a beautifully designed blue hat with dark gray ostrich feathers and pearls over gray, wavy hair. In the background, there is a birdcage with a confined putto, surrounded by a wooded landscape. The cage is signed and dated "1788". Fine tempera painting on ivory. Decorative, gilded original brass frame with pearl frieze, adjustable on the reverse. The back is engraved with "Lucie de Lubomirska en 1788, agée de 18 ans". The case is lined with wine-red velvet and silk. 16.5 cm x 13 cm. CITES certificate included. The autodidactic painter and miniaturist Heinrich Friedrich Füger studied law in Halle before becoming a student of the painter Adam Friedrich Oeser in Leipzig in 1768. In 1774, he went to Vienna and to the imperial court. There, he created a large number of portraits of nobility and personalities from politics and society. As part of a scholarship in Rome in 1776, he became a student of Anton Raphael Mengs and returned to Austria in 1783 due to his appointment by State Chancellor Prince Kaunitz as Vice Director of the Vienna Academy. Since 1795, he was a court painter in Vienna and director of the Academy of Fine Arts, taking over the direction of the Imperial Picture Gallery in Vienna in 1806. Füger is considered a precursor of Austrian classicism. His works can be found, among others, in the Albertina in Vienna and the National Gallery in Berlin. The portrait of Princess Lubomirska is listed in Schidlof, 1964, Graz, vol. I, p. 273, pl. XI "Princess Lucy Lubomirska plucking a Cupid" and was rated there as "magnificent". See also Keil, 1977, p. 79, Thieme-Becker, vol. XII, p. 553. Provenance: From the estate of a significant North German private collection; according to Schidlof, formerly from the collection of E. Arnold, Berlin.

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Author Henry Friedrich Fueger

Style Portrait

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