"Inverted Hay Bale Wagon: Romantic Life and Landscapes of Upper Bavaria in Bürkel's Multifaceted Works"

Henry Bürkel

"Перевернутый сноповоз: романтическая жизнь и пейзажи Верхней Баварии в многогранных работах Бюркеля"

(1802 Pirmasens - 1869 Munich) Sledding with Boar Scene in a Snowy Upper Bavarian Landscape. Two farmers engaged in an animated (sales) conversation, one on foot, the other on a sled with a boar on the loading surface. A finely and detailed painted, atmospherically tuned work by the renowned romantic artist, who, with a preference, depicts life and the landscape in Upper Bavaria in his poetic versatility. The sledding with boar is closely related to "The Overturned Hay Wagon," one of Bürkel's most famous depictions, which he painted in a series of versions from 1841-1865. Oil on canvas, relined. Signed. 29 cm x 23.5 cm. Framed.

07 Jun 2024

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Author Henry Bürkel

Style Genre painting

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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