Allegorical Meissen figure group "Asia"


Allegorical Meissen figure group "Asia"

From the series "Four Continents". With plastic applied flowers and leaves, naturalistically designed base. Not far from a palm tree, sitting on a camel, a young oriental woman personifies the continent of Asia, wearing a white dress with a flower pattern, a purple coat, and a hood-like, elaborate head covering. In her left hand, she holds a censer, and in her right hand, a scepter. Polychrome painting with gold staffage. Either Johann Joachim Kaendler or a follower. Restored; crossed swords mark. Height 20.5 cm. The four allegories of the continents are arranged in Kaendler's taxas (1740-1748) according to November 20, 1745. A slightly modified model of the group "Asia" with varied posture was modeled by Johann Friedrich Eberlein in the summer of 1745 to 1747 as part of a cycle and under the supervision of Kaendler, and was part of the order of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna for the Russian court. See catalog Jedding, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg private collection, fig. 241; catalog Pietzsch, Meissen für die Zaren, fig. 143. An allegorical porcelain figure group of "Asia" from the series "Four Continents". Restored. Crossed swords mark. Meissen. Middle of the 18th century.

31 Mar 2024

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YearСередина 18 века.

By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Figurines

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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