Mythological Meissen Figure Group "Triumph of Venus"


Мифологическая группа фигур Майсен "Триумф Венеры"

Oval, rocaille-reliefed pedestal. Above the towering wave bank carried by three tritons, a shell carriage with ribbed walls, surrounded by a finely modeled flower garland. Sitting within is the half-dressed goddess Venus in a white gown with a gem-set waist belt and a delicately patterned mantle cloth in a soft yellow with Indian flower motifs. Her finely streaked hair adorned with a pearl necklace and a purple-colored wreath. In her right hand, she holds a bow. Accompanying her is the floating Cupid with a slung, filled quiver. Polychrome painting with gold staffage. Possibly by Johann Joachim Kaendler. Unidentified restorations; minimal damage; small firing cracks due to production. Sword mark. Height 23.5 cm. The execution of the shell rib decoration on the Venus carriage and especially the modeling and detailing of the tritons are characteristic features that undoubtedly connect stylistically to Kaendler's designs for the significant Swan Service created around 1739/40. See Pietzsch, Catalogue Swan Service, No. 61f. A large mythological figure group "Triumph of Venus" with Venus seated in an open conch shell chariot modeled by J.J. Kaendler. Insignificantly restored. Minor chipped. Small production-related firing cracks. Crossed swords mark. Meissen. Mid-18th century.

09 Jul 2024

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YearПервая половина 18 века

By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Figurines

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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