"The Circle of Renaissance Portraits: Patricia in a Fur Cape"

"Lorenz Strauch"

"Круг Ренессансного портрета: Патриция в меховой накидке"

(1554 Nuremberg - 1630 ibid.) Circle of Renaissance portrait of a patrician with fur cape. Representative half-length portrait of a man with a rounded styled full beard, in a black doublet with silver buttons, over which is a black cape trimmed with light fur. A precious white ruff (also known as a collar, cravat, fraise, dutton collar, or millstone collar) clearly separates the distinctively rendered head from the body. He wears a matching black hat on his head, while holding a white handkerchief, trimmed with lace, in his left hand. The elevated status of the man is reflected by the prominently placed cylindrical fur cap, which is slit on the show side, in the lower left corner. The explicit indication that this is a man of dignity is further emphasized by the coat of arms in the upper right corner. Above his age - as often seen in Renaissance and Baroque portraits - the inscription located in the upper left provides information: "His age 65 years 2 weeks. ( / ) 1607." Oil on canvas, relined; 87.5 cm x 75 cm. Framed. Circle of Lorenz Strauch (1554-1630). Dated 1607.

27 Mar 2024

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Author "Lorenz Strauch"

Style Portrait

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