Rare set of six Rococo spoons

Rare set of six Rococo spoons

In the original, with gold-embossed leather-covered wooden case. Silver. Long ovoid shape, with a curved handle that transitions into flat, strongly conically widening ends. The handle and underside of the spoon are adorned with rocaille-shaped motifs with curved lines. The inside of the case is lined with pink-colored silk. Marked, assay mark, master's mark, date letter "C", by Master Johann Nicolaus Wollenberg (became a master in 1759). Weight approx. 225 g. Spoon length 20.5 cm. Case height 4.5 cm. 21.3 cm x 12.5 cm. See Catalog Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Vol. I, Part 1, MZ 991, BZ 41, VB 06c. Another spoon by the same master can be found, among others, in the Historical Museum in Basel, see also Vol. I, Part 2, Fig. 726 and Fig. 706 (case). A rare set of six Nuremberg Rococo silver spoons by Johann Nicolaus Wollenberg (master since 1759) in an original leather-covered wooden case. Test, assay, and master's mark, date letter "C". German. Nuremberg. 1775-1779.

12 Jun 2024

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