Vase - Candy dish, "BAUMBERG" series, Crystal, NACHTMANN, Germany


Ваза - Конфетница серия «BAUMBERG» Хрусталь, NACHTMANN ГерманияВаза - Конфетница серия «BAUMBERG» Хрусталь, NACHTMANN ГерманияВаза - Конфетница серия «BAUMBERG» Хрусталь, NACHTMANN ГерманияВаза - Конфетница серия «BAUMBERG» Хрусталь, NACHTMANN ГерманияВаза - Конфетница серия «BAUMBERG» Хрусталь, NACHTMANN Германия
Ваза - Конфетница серия «BAUMBERG» Хрусталь, NACHTMANN Германия

Original, very beautiful "Green Basket", a vase-nut dish-candy dish-trinket box in the form of a basket, from the famous "BAUMBERG - Baumberg" series, colorful appliqué crystal, 100% handmade. Produced by the German manufacturer with a worldwide reputation - NACHTMANN, in the 1970s. The NACHTMANN factory was founded in Bavaria in 1834 by Michael Nachtmann. In the early 20th century, the factory workshops moved to Neustadt, where they are located today. In the 1960s-1970s, NACHTMANN became the largest producer of high-quality crystal in Germany. The NACHTMANN group for a long time united several subsidiary companies such as "Marc Aurel", "Katharinen Hutte", "Spiegelau". The products of these factories were distinguished by their design and the minimization of lead oxide in the crystal content. In the early 2000s, the range of products significantly decreased. The factory switched to more economical forms, and one by one interesting positions disappeared. In 2004, Riedel Glas acquired the shares of Nachtmann Cristal AG. Although the factory continues to operate to this day, it has not been able to return to producing the products it released during its highest period of prosperity. So now, any of its products released in the 1960s-1970s, especially those of high quality and preservation, automatically became the subject of special attention from collectors and crystal connoisseurs, and the value of such items increases every year.

Comfortable size, exclusive design, the Baumberg pattern is one of the most stylish in the NACHTMANN factory product line, handmade, genuine high-quality lead crystal with a lead oxide content of not less than 24% (PbO 24% - the world standard). This lead oxide content increases the refractive index, allowing the crystal to sparkle in the sunlight, similar to precious stones. The exquisite color combination of transparent white and green, elegant cut facets, all of this looks wonderfully beautiful, making the "Basket" a perfect table or interior decoration. It is multifunctional and convenient to use, suitable for serving sweets, nuts, or storing various trinkets. It looks exceptionally good in almost any interior, always attracting the attention of others. As a result of careful display storage, the condition is practically perfect, without chips, cracks, defects, or restoration. Choose from: a beautiful decoration and a useful item in your home, or a nice gift for friends and family, or a worthy specimen for any collection! Dimensions: height - 11.5 cm; maximum dimensions - 13 cm x 9.5 cm.

02 Jun 2024

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By the manufacturer Nachtmann

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