Extensive Meissen tableware


Extensive Meissen tableware

With decor "Red Rich Dragon" for 18 persons. 240 pieces; 36 dinner plates, 18 soup plates, 18 appetizer plates, 36 cake plates, 18 bread plates, 2 soup tureens, 2 vegetable terrines, 5 serving platters, 3 sauce boats, 9 side dishes, 3 cake bowls, 18 salt cellars, tea, 3 coffee, 3 mocha pots, 18 coffee cups, 18 mocha cups, 18 tea cups with saucers, 6 cream jugs, 5 sugar bowls. Decor "Red Rich Dragon" with two circularly arranged phoenixes (Chinese Fenghuang), framed by two Chinese dragons and arrangements of Chinese symbols of the "Eight Treasures" in iron red, gold heightened cameo painting. Gold rim. Partially minimal damage. Sword mark. Plate diameter 16 cm - 25 cm. Jug height 14.5 cm - 25.5 cm. Soup tureen length 37 cm. Platter length 36 cm - 50 cm. The service with the decor "Red Dragon" was one of the first table services of the Dresden court for August the Strong around 1730. The so-called "Red Dragon Service" was exclusively painted in red and gold. The dragon was considered a symbol of the Chinese emperor. Numerous porcelain pieces were produced from around 1737 for the furnishing of the Saxon court confectionery under August III. See Rückert, Catalogue of Meissen Porcelain, Bayer. National Museum, No. 305; Pietzsch, Triumph, No. 236; Jedding, Museum Hamburg, No. 124. A 240-piece porcelain dinner set with decor "Red Rich Dragon". Partly minor chipped. Crossed swords mark. Meissen. 2nd half 20th century.

29 Mar 2024

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By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Tableware

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