Madonna with Angel Concert The artwork in question, "Madonna mit Engelkonzert" (Madonna with Angel Concert), is a captivating masterpiece that emanates a sense of divine beauty and celestial harmony. Created by an unknown artist during the Renaissan

Фигурная глиняная группа Мадонны

Stoneware. Relief sculptural group. Enthroned Madonna in a long, gold-yellow mantle, holding the child in her arms. The cloud pedestal is adorned with stars, the Star of Bethlehem, and a garland of flowers, with six musical angels. Rare color variant of the significant ceramic group with rich, polychrome painting. Possibly by Anton Klieber, 1916. Inscribed on the back with "ANTON KLIEBER," dated 1916, and an unclear number; company mark (triangle mark) with "MADE IN AUSTRIA." Height 25.3 cm; width 29 cm. Klieber (1886-1971) attended the specialized school for ceramics in Teplice and went to the renowned School of Arts and Crafts in Vienna, where he became a freelance sculptor and "ceramic sculptor" alongside Powolny, Löffler, and Pech. He became one of the most successful designers for ceramics. For the firm "Keramos - Wiener Kunstkeramik und Porzellanmanufaktur," founded in 1920 and also involving Josef Hoffmann, he created a large part of the models since 1921. A Vienna glazed and painted figural earthenware group of Madonna and Child with a concert of angels, modeled by Anton Klieber for Keramos. Inscribed and dated 1916, factory mark. Austria. Wien. Keramos. Circa 1928-1930.

26 Mar 2024

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