Meissen lovers with a pug in the arbor


Фарфоровая фигурная группа пары влюбленных с мопсом

On an irregular base covered with plastic flowers and leaves, sits a loving couple embracing each other in front of a rocaille-shaped, lattice-like trellis, surrounded by delicately applied floral vines. The lady is wearing a white dress with a floral pattern and gold trim, along with a lace bonnet, while the young man is dressed in a rose-colored suit over a white, gold-adorned waistcoat. At their feet, a pug dog with a red necktie is jumping up. The polychrome painting is embellished with gold accents. Possibly by Johann Joachim Kaendler, around 1745. Minor restoration/chips; height 19 cm. See Rückert, Catalogue Bayer National Museum, No. 882; Kollensperger, Burda Collection, No. 8. A porcelain figure group of a couple of lovers with a pug dog, modeled by J.J. Kaendler. Minor restored/chipped. Meissen, around 1745-1750.

06 Feb 2024

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By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Figurines

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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