Perfume bottle and snuffbox


Perfume bottle and snuffbox

With gold or red gold mountings. Snuffbox adorned with gallant love couple, flower bouquets, and baskets in polychrome enamel painting. The flask made of colorless crystal glass with pierced rocaille and oak leaf mountings. Minimal condition; partially engraved, Austrian guarantee stamp from 1925 onwards, and letter "W" for Vienna, and indistinct master's marks. Height 2 cm - 5.2 cm. Compare Divis, gold stamps from all over the world, Dausien, 1989, no. 920. A small snuff bottle and a pill box with 14k gold and rose gold mountings. Partly guarantee mark and indistinct master's mark. Minor dented. France/Austria. 19th/20th century.

30 Jun 2024

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