Great Goldscheider Dancer "Ruth". Original title.

Great Goldscheider Dancer "Ruth". Original title.

Stoneware. On a three-tiered plinth, the representation of the striding dancer Ruth Saint Denis in a belly-free, oriental costume during the performance of her dance "Radha" ("Dance of the Five Senses", premiere 1906). Behind her on the plinth are two rose baskets. Polychrome underglaze painting. Model number 3992, designed around 1911/12. German restoration, with minimal glaze chips. Possibly labeled "Rosé", manufacturer's mark with "Made in Austria" inscription; small press mark with undecipherable ligature monogram. Height 53.5 cm. The famous American dancer Ruth Saint Denis (1879-1968) presented her "Radha" performance with great success during her European tour from 1906 to 1909, including in Paris, Berlin, and Vienna. See Dechant/Goldscheider, page 379 with illustration. A large Goldscheider "Ruth" figurine depicting the well-known female dancer Ruth Saint Denis, modeled around 1911/12. Polychrome painted and glazed earthenware. Minor restorations, a few tiny chips to the glaze. Manufacturer's mark. Austria. Vienna. Friedrich Goldscheider. Circa 1922-1930.

06 Jun 2024

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YearОколо 1922-1930 года

Type Figurines

Lot location Moscow region. ( 50 )

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