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The Circus in the Soviet Union was the most fun in the world, and Soviet clowns were true stars. In Soviet arenas, clowns mocked negative human qualities such as theft, bribery, and drunkenness. They portrayed something funny from the everyday lives of Soviet people, filled everyone with positivity and kindness.

These simple, but incredibly colorful and funny characters inspired sculptor Sergey Orlov, the author of famous monumental works of Soviet culture.

His Soviet time figurines series "Circus" masterfully express sharp humor and aesthetics.

One of the works of the talented sculptor's "clownery" is the figurine "Clown" of the DFZ. The porcelain clown with an expressive, radiant face carries the positive spirit of the past era. The figurine is made of solid porcelain, painted in a bright, juicy color palette with elements outlined in gold. The USSR "Clown" figurine has a mark of the Dmitrov Porcelain Factory on its base.

Approximately 15.5 cm in height.

31 Mar 2024

13 000,00


CountryUSSR 1961 - 1985

By the manufacturer Dmitrov Porcelain Factory.

Type Figurines

Lot location Irkutsk Oblast. ( 38 )

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