Ukrainian woman. Harvester.

Dmitrov Porcelain Factory.

Украинка. ЖницаУкраинка. ЖницаУкраинка. ЖницаУкраинка. ЖницаУкраинка. ЖницаУкраинка. Жница
Украинка. Жница

Sculpture "Ukrainian. Harvest Worker"

USSR, Verbilki, Dmitrov Factory, 1927-1930s Bisque, painted. Mark: blue overglaze round mark with the emblem of the "sickle and hammer", "star", the name of the factory in a circle and the abbreviation "ЦФФТ" (CFTT), test number "184". *(Central Porcelain Trust, established in 1926) - placed on products intended for the domestic market from 1927 to 1931 and in some cases later.

Height: 22 cm, base: 8 x 7.3 cm.

The sculpture is a repetition of the "Folk Amusements" series, produced at the Gardner factory since the mid-19th century.

03 Dec 2023

111 000,00


CountryUSSR 1922 - 1941

Year1927 - 1930-

By the manufacturerDmitrov Porcelain Factory.


Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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