"Lioness versus wild boar: the grandeur of art"

Franz Snyder

"Львица против дикого кабана: величие искусства"

(1579 Antwerp - 1657 ibid.) After two lionesses have killed a wild boar, they are attacked by a boar. This painting, created in the 18th century, depicts the main motif of a lioness biting into the neck of the wild boar. It is based on the well-known large-format work "A Lioness Strikes a Wild Boar" by Frans Snyders, which was created around 1620-1625. The original painting was once housed in the Bavarian Electoral Gallery and later made its way to the Old Pinakothek in Munich (Inv. No. 620). The artist of the present painting expanded the group of figures to include additional animals and composed them in a completely different landscape. Oil on oak panel. Approximately 21.5 cm x 29 cm. Framed. After Frans Snyders (1579-1657). Oil on oak panel.

04 Jul 2024

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Author Franz Snyder

Style Animalism

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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