Hanover 1840: Amur in the finest detail.

Johan Heinrich Ramberg

Ганновер 1840: Амур в мельчайших деталях

1763 Hannover - 1840 ibidem) Amor in fine strokes, detail-richly applied gaze on Amor sitting in a tree, leaning on a branch, pulling a love arrow from his quiver with his right hand, the gaze enamored from the painting directed at a goal chosen by him, not visible to the viewer. On the right side of the image, a romantic view from the forest to a lake. Allegorical scene of the artist, who, among other things, worked as a court painter for the King of Hannover and studied at the Academy in London under Benjamin West in 1781. Oil on wood panel. L. and sign. with dedication "to his dear Flügge" (Apothecary in Hannover, Flüggerstr.). 36.5 cm x 29 cm. Oil on panel. Signed with dedication.

12 Feb 2024

674 400,00



Author Johan Heinrich Ramberg

Style Genre painting

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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