Dimer is a great marine artist.

Michael Zeno Dimmer

Dimer is a great marine artist.

(1867 Munich - 1939 Oberammergau) Three-master in front of a rocky coast is a late impressionistic painting by Diemer, who is primarily known for his marine paintings featuring large sailboats. Diemer made his debut after his studies at the academy in 1890 with a landscape at the Munich Glass Palace. In the 1890s, he established himself as a successful Alpine painter, creating history paintings and large battle panoramas. Since 1900, he turned to a new main theme and increasingly became a marine painter: he regularly participated in the cruises of the HAPAG in the North Sea and through the Mediterranean, using the sketches and watercolors made on these trips as a basis for his studio paintings. A recurring main motif is composed dominantly in the foreground: sailing ships on deep blue sea and mostly low horizon. Oil on canvas; signed; 59.5 cm x 83.5 cm. Original frame.

09 Feb 2024

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Author Michael Zeno Dimmer

Style Landscape

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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