Byron and his female friends: elegance and aesthetics.

Franz von Bayros

Две подруги

(1866 Zagreb - 1924 Vienna) Two female friends, sparsely dressed with flowing scarves, appear to have just finished a shared love game. While one lady is still on the bed, the other is already standing before her, and the two playmates exchange a meaningful glance. This characteristic work by Bayron, who studied at the academies in Vienna and Munich and is often mentioned in the same breath as Aubrey Beardsley and Félicien Rops, is defined by his frivolous and provocative oeuvre, which is dominated by a seductive female image. The woman always assumes the role of the dominant seductress, exemplifying the fashionable female image of the fin-de-siècle. In his ornamental, playful, and compositionally outstanding works, characterized by virtuosic delicate lines, Bayron always swings an pronounced sense of elegance and aesthetics, as well as satire and irony. Ink drawing over pencil/cardboard. R. and signed; 29 cm x 23.8 cm. Framed. Indian ink on cardboard. Signed.

15 May 2024

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Author Franz von Bayros

Style Genre painting

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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