Shaunav near Heidelberg: a southern German summer landscape with a golden-yellow cereal field.

Wilhelm Hemping

Шонав при Хайдельберге: южногерманский летний пейзаж с золотисто-желтым зерновым полем

(1886 Schönau b. Heidelberg - 1948 Karlsruhe) Southern German summer landscape with golden-yellow grain field. A mood landscape of the late Impressionist, who was a master student at the Karlsruhe Art Academy under Friedrich Fehr. He undertook study trips to Southern Europe (Balkans, Italy, Spain), North Africa, Brittany, Denmark, England, and especially to the North German and East Prussian coasts (Sylt, Samland, Rügen, and Usedom). He exhibited his paintings, among others, at the Glass Palace in Munich, the Künstlerhaus in Vienna, and at the Great Art Exhibition in Berlin. Oil on canvas; signed and dated 1946. 80 cm x 100 cm. Framed.

24 Jun 2024

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Author Wilhelm Hemping

Style Landscape

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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