"Original Forgeries of Kubelau: The Art of Satire and Oil on Canvas"

Konrad Kujau to Roger De La Fresne

"Оригинальные подделки Кубеляу: искусство сатиры и масло на холсте"

(1938 Löbau - 2000 Stuttgart) "Le Rameur". Original title Kujau became known in 1983 for his forgeries of the so-called "Hitler Diaries" for the magazine "Stern" (the story was satirically filmed in 1992 by Helmut Dietl under the title "Schtonk!"). In addition, Kujau also created a multitude of explicitly declared "Original Kujau Forgeries" depicting paintings by various artists from different epochs and styles. Oil on canvas. Indistinctly inscribed. Dimensions: 30 cm x 24 cm. Framed. Provenance: Gallery of Forgeries, Stuttgart.

15 May 2024

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