Small Rococo coffee pot


Silver. Pear-shaped, smooth body with trumpet-shaped ascending stand. Hood-like arched hinged lid with displayed, narrow rim and chamfered pusher. Knob in the shape of a flower branch. Centrally attached, conical console spout surrounded by flutes, with hinged spout cover. Voluted ear handle made of dark brown wood. Gilded on the inside. Signed, tremolo stroke, assay marks, master Jakob (Johann) Wilhelm Kolb (became a master in 1768). Weight approximately 360 g. Height 21.5 cm. See Seling 2007, BZ 2510, No. 2522; also Overzier, Deutsche Silber, p. 86, fig. 117, a comparable, small jug by the same master. A small German Rococo coffee pot by Jakob (Johann) Wilhelm Kolb (master since 1768). Gilt inside. Tested, assayed, and marked by the master. German. Augsburg. 1779-1781.

03 Dec 2023

308 000,00


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Lot location Oryol Oblast. ( 57 )

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