Daum - Decorative Bowl with Bacchus Head

 Чаша из стеклянной массы (или хрустальной массы) Дома Нанси с головой римского бога Вакха в профиль, окруженная лозовыми листьями

Relief sculpted bowl with the profile of Bacchus' head, surrounded by vine leaves. Made of glass paste (or crystal paste), colorless, light green and amber. Signed by Daum France. Height 5 cm; Width 13.2 cm. A Daum Nancy glass paste or crystal paste bowl with the head of the Roman god Bacchus in profile, surrounded by vine leaves. Signed. France. Nancy. Daum. End of the 20th century.

07 Jun 2024

39 600,00


Country<Not determined>

Class Vases, caskets

Lot location Mordovia ( 13 )

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