"Ruby Crystal" - Champagne Glasses by DOROTHEENHUTTE Germany


«Рубиновый Хрусталь» - Бокалы для Шампанского DOROTHEENHUTTE Германия

A real find for a true collector or connoisseur of colored glass! Super Rarity in Super Condition! Set of luxurious crystal champagne or sparkling wine glasses - 6 pieces, famous German ruby crystal, 100% handmade. Produced by the German glass manufacturing company DOROTHEENHUTTE, West Germany, 1950s. Everything is made in the best traditions of the highest German quality! Noble ruby color, Dignity - Luxury - Style, these three terms fully characterize the impressions from the glasses in this collection. They have collectible value!!

The glassworks DOROTHEENHUTTE was founded in the town of Wolfach on the border with France between Stuttgart and Strasbourg in the early 20th century, this small enterprise still operates there to this day. In the 1960s and 1970s, thanks to the high quality of its products, DOROTHEENHUTTE became a well-known global brand - a manufacturer of top-quality handmade crystal. The products of this factory stood out for their exquisite design and minimizing the lead oxide content in the crystal, and its products automatically became the subject of special attention from collectors and crystal connoisseurs, the value of items from the DOROTHEENHUTTE factory increases every year.

The magnificent work of German masters from the DOROTHEENHUTTE factory, exquisite and stunning glass design, and the highest quality of execution. Majestic and graceful, yet despite their unique style, the items are so versatile that they easily and naturally fit into any serving interior, whether it be "hi-tech" or palace classic. This is true high-quality lead crystal with a lead oxide content of no less than 24% (PbO 24% - a world standard), such a lead oxide content increases the refractive index, allowing the crystal to play with all its facets in the sun, similar to precious stones.

Dimensions: Glasses - Height - 18 cm, diameter - 5.5 cm, volume - 150 ml. As a result of display storage, despite their venerable age, the glasses are in perfect condition, without chips and cracks, without defects and restoration. Your choice: A beautiful decoration and a useful item in your home, or a nice gift for friends and loved ones, or a worthy addition to your collection!

15 May 2024

37 000,00


CountryGermany 1949 - 1990

By the manufacturer Dorotheenhütte.

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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