Porcelain service "Autumn colors"

Dulyovsky Porcelain Factory

Porcelain service "Autumn colors"

A 5 piece porcelain set "autumn colours". Soviet Union, Dulevo porelain factory, dated 1989. Including large tea pot, small pot, lage cup with saucer and wall plate. Polychrome overglaze painting. Bottom with red company mark and title, inscription "V. Jasnezov" and date "1989" in black. 10 and 25 cm high (pots), Diam. 35 cm (wall plate). - From the exhibition "Porcelain in the UDSSR" in 1989 in Bonn on the occasion of the visit of Michail Gorbatchov to Helmut Kohl in Germany.

04 Jul 2024

75 000,00


CountryUSSR 1985 - 1991


By the manufacturer Dulyovsky Porcelain Factory

Type Tableware

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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