Statuette "Harlequin" (Harlequin)

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Статуэтка «Harlequin» (Арлекин)Статуэтка «Harlequin» (Арлекин)Статуэтка «Harlequin» (Арлекин)Статуэтка «Harlequin» (Арлекин)
Статуэтка «Harlequin» (Арлекин)

Unusual English porcelain figurine "Harlequin" from the Royal Doulo Manufacture, England. The hallmark is dated 1982. Collector's number HN2737. Sculptor Douglas Tootl. Dimensions: height 33.5 cm. English porcelain of excellent quality. The figurine is handmade and painted in bright colors. Condition: excellent preservation, no chips or cracks.

Harlequin, Brighella, Pierino are characters from the commedia dell'arte, belonging to the Zanni social class - servants. This Venetian name of the social class comes from the name Giovanni, which was so popular among the common people that it became a common noun. Harlequin is the liveliest character in commedia dell'arte plays. The character is extremely cheerful, optimistic, sometimes naive, cunning, and mischievous, constantly getting into funny situations and easily making foolish mistakes. Harlequin has many other names depending on the region where the play was performed: Truffaldino, Mezzettino, Tortellino, Nespolino, Bertoldino, and many others. The Russian character Petrushka also borrowed many characteristic traits from Harlequin. Royal Doulo brand, porcelain material.

13 May 2024

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