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Girl BANDURISTKA Plant: Korosten Porcelain Plant

A rarity representing a collector's and antique value is a limited edition large interior sculpture "Banduristka", made at the Korosten Porcelain Plant.

Author: Tregubova V.M., Creation period: 1960s.

The sculpture is authentic, old, and 100% original, with minimal traces of time and careful glueing of the brush of the hand, without chips, cracks, or restoration. Material: porcelain, overglaze high artistic painting, underglaze painting with salts, gilding. The height of the sculpture is 40 cm, the base of the sculpture is 24 cm x 13 cm. A real find for a connoisseur of old and rare Soviet porcelain, it will complement and decorate any collection of porcelain statuettes and will be a wonderful and unforgettable gift!

15 May 2024

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