Lady with a fan

Volkstedt is a village in Germany.

Дама с вееромДама с вееромДама с вееромДама с вееромДама с вееромДама с вееромДама с веером
Дама с веером

Big!!! (Height - 33 cm.) Antique porcelain collectible figurine "Lady with a Fan", Germany, VOLKSTEDT - FOLKSTED factory, attribution by stamp 1915-1934. Porcelain, polychrome painting, gilding, 100% handmade. A real find for a true collector or porcelain connoisseur! It has collector's interest!!

Volkstedt porcelain manufactory is the oldest factory in Thuringia, it was founded on September 8, 1760 in Rudolstadt, by Georg Heinrich Macheleid.

He worked for a long time at a glass factory, but always wanted to be involved in porcelain production. The factory's products were considered among the best at that time. Throughout its long history, the manufactory changed owners several times, closed and reopened. To this day, it is part of the VEB Vereinigte Zierporzellanwerke Lichte concern. Throughout its existence, up to the present day, the porcelain produced at this factory is highly respected in European countries and among porcelain collectors, especially the exquisite handmade figurines are still considered to be truly unique, made with immense skill and unsurpassed taste. The factory's products are in great demand, these elegant sculptures leave no one indifferent!

The porcelain sculpture "Lady with a Fan" fully meets the highest quality and style requirements, the figurine is incredibly elegant, and all the details are thoroughly worked out. The overall condition is perfect, without chips, cracks, or restoration. The sculpture is quite large - the height of the figurine is 33 cm, the diameter of the base is 11 cm.

This charming porcelain figurine, depicting a boy and a girl in costumes from the past, swinging on improvised swings, will be a wonderful interior decoration, a magnificent gift, or a worthy addition to a collection!

08 May 2024

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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