A boy picking berries and other children in a genre painting in the style of idyllic Schwarzwald by Hazemann.

Wilhelm Hazeman

Мальчик, собирающий ягоды, и другие дети в жанровой картине в стиле идиллического Шварцвальда от Хаземанна

(1850 Mühlberg/Elbe - 1913 Gutach) A boy collecting berries and other children in the Black Forest idyllic genre painting by Hasemanns, who studied at the Art Academy in Berlin, the Grand Ducal-Saxon Art School in Weimar, and the Grand Ducal Baden Art School in Karlsruhe under Gustav Schönleber. Hasemann became associated with the Weimar School of Painters in 1880 when he first came to Gutach and was in the late 19th century with his brother-in-law Curt Liebich, founder of the Gutach Painters' Colony. His oeuvre mainly consists of scenes from rural life, with the discovery of the Gutach costume and the Black Forest farms as artistic subjects, which influenced Hasemann and his fellow Gutach painters in shaping the popular image of the Black Forest. Oil on wood panel. Signed. Dimensions: 26.5 cm x 18 cm. Framed.

25 Mar 2024

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Author Wilhelm Hazeman

Style Genre painting

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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