Heinrich Spurling: Realistic and vivid portrayal of an animal artist.

Henry Shperling

"Хайнрих Шперлинг: реалистическое и живое изображение животного художника"

(1844 Warnkenhagen - 1924 Berlin) Bernese Mountain Dog Realistic, lively portrayal of the well-known animal painter. Heinrich Sperling initially studied at the Academy in Dresden and then, from 1869, with Carl Steffeck and Paul Friedrich Meyerheim in Berlin. In 1893, he became a professor himself. Oil on canvas; framed. Signed and dated 1909. Dimensions: 30 cm x 37.5 cm.

07 Jun 2024

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Author Henry Shperling

Style Animalism

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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