"Autumn Landscape: Van Gogh's Influence on Brockhuisen"

Feo von Brockhausen

"Осенний пейзаж: влияние Ван Гога на Брокхузена"

(1882 Marggrabowa / East Prussia - 1919 Berlin) "Autumn Landscape". Original title "View through a Grove with Slim, Light Trees on a Group of Individual Houses". Executed with rhythmic, intertwined brushstrokes and pastose color application, the autumn landscape reflects the influential impact of Vincent van Gogh on Theo von Brockhusen. Brockhusen studied at the Art Academy in Königsberg from 1897/98 to 1903. In 1904, he moved to Berlin and became a member of the Berlin Secession in 1906. He regularly participated in their exhibitions until his departure in 1913. Paul Cassirer, a gallery owner and important patron of Brockhusen, supported him from 1906 to 1915. Already in April 1906, Hans Rosenhagen praised Brockhusen in "Die Kunst für alle" in a review of a Cassirer exhibition, stating that his exhibited paintings were "full of tone, color, and courage". From 1907 onwards, he spent the summer months annually in Baumgartenbrücke am Schwielowsee, where he created landscape paintings depicting the intensely felt Brandenburg landscape in the changing of the days and seasons. In a larger series of landscape paintings, he depicted tree motifs, the blossoming fruit trees in the Havelland, as well as alleys and village streets. In 1908, Cassirer organized a special exhibition with Brockhusen's landscapes and others from the surroundings of Berlin, which was aptly described in a critique as follows: "Some of this painting, strongly influenced by van Gogh, was only raw and unrestrained by finer artistic sensibilities, but it contained promises and, above all, strong creative power" ("Kunstchronik", Neue Folge, 19th year, No. 21, 3rd April 1908, p. 358). In 1912, he received the prestigious Villa Romana Prize. After his return to Berlin in 1913, he became a founding member and board member of the Free Secession in 1914. In 1915, Brockhusen separated from his gallery owner Paul Cassirer, shortly before his death in 1918, he entrusted his new gallery owner Ferdinand Möller (who later also received his estate) with his works. In 1919, Brockhusen had a major solo exhibition at the Möller Gallery in Berlin, followed by three memorial exhibitions until 1931. After Brockhusen, who remained largely unknown for a long time due to the vilification of modern art by the National Socialists, his work has been increasingly rediscovered since a major Brockhusen exhibition in 1999 in Berlin and Regensburg. Oil on canvas; signed; verso original label with designation and title "v. Brockhusen No. B. 54 Autumn Landscape". 80 cm x 96.5 cm. Original frame. Provenance: From the collection of Ella Wellhoener (1872-1937), procurist of the art salon Paul Cassirer, Berlin; in family possession since then.

13 Feb 2024

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Author Feo von Brockhausen

Style Impressionism

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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