"An incredible expression of black contrasts: the distinctive informal composition of Torgers."

There will be Torgo.

"Невероятная экспрессия черных контрастов: характерная неформальная композиция Торгерса"

(1910 Barmen/Wuppertal - 1984 Bremen) Untitled. Characteristic, informal composition by Torgers, whose works are defined by a sensitively nuanced color palette with black, dynamically applied contrasts. Trained at the School of Applied Arts in Bremen, Torgers initially worked figuratively but, after the Second World War, turned to the search for new forms of expression. Inspired by the works of Wols, he developed his own visual language and ultimately only painted in an "informal" style by the end of the 1950s. Mixed media with gouache on paper. Signed and dated (19)68. Dimensions 90 cm x 60 cm. Framed.

03 Jun 2024

156 600,00



Author There will be Torgo.

Style Abstractionism

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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