Mariner's Valley

Olson Olberburg

Mariner's Valley

When Mars is near perihelion, high and stunning clouds appear over the Mariner Valley. The wind stretches them along the equator and blows them westward, where they gradually dissipate. These clouds, judging by the conditions in these atmospheric layers, consist of water ice, green gas, and pink crystals. They are quite dense and cast noticeable shadows on the surface.

Their appearance is explained by the fact that the irregularities of the relief disrupt the air currents, directing them upwards. In addition, in the morning, fog rises over the valley, also consisting of crystalline water ice. The reason for this is that spheres sprout from the dry earth as mushrooms after rainfall. It is possible that the slopes of the valley are illuminated in the evening by rays from other distant planets and stars. It is these rays that allow something to grow on this land. acrylic 2020.

25 May 2024

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Author Olson Olberburg



Style Surrealism

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