An ancient portable cross in a silver covering.

Factory A.M. Postnikov's

Старинный выносной крест в серебряной ризе.

Antique portable cross with the crucifixion of the Savior and the image of the Holy Prophet Elijah in an elaborate silver robe. 17th century cross. Frame made by the supplier factory of the Imperial Court of E.I.V. Society A.M. Postnikov. Russian Empire, Moscow, 1882. Materials: wood (cypress); canvas, gesso, tempera, silver, gilding. Frame: silver "88" hallmark, gilding. Technical execution: casting, stamping, hand engraving with a burin, grinding, polishing, chamfering, finishing, mounting. Cross dimensions: Height - 35 cm. Width - 16 cm. Thickness - 1.5 cm. Silver robe dimensions: Height - 26 cm. Width - 16 cm. Thickness - 1.8 cm. Silver weight - 180 grams. Hallmarks: "88" hallmark with the coat of arms of the city of Moscow ("St. George the Victorious, slaying the serpent") with the initials of the assayer "I.K." (unknown Moscow assayer) above the date "1882", factory - "A.Postnikov" under the Imperial double-headed eagle (Supplier to His Imperial Majesty's Court). Cross in original walnut case with interior padding. Condition: in very good collector's preservation, craquelure on the paint layer. MUSEUM LEVEL! Represents an antique, collector's, artistic value. * POSTNIKOV Andrey Mikhailovich, merchant, founder of a factory producing gold, silver, and bronze items, established in 1868. His father traded cult accessories since 1825. 1870: merchant guild documents, 2nd guild merchant, 40 years, in trade since 1865, and his father since 1825. Address: Mother's house at St. Trinity Church. In 1870: 63 workers, 24 minors, annual production: 250,000 rubles. In 1870, a school with a 6-year curriculum was opened for 47 students. Participant of the 1870 exhibition in St. Petersburg, where he received a bronze medal, participant of the exhibition in Vienna in 1873, in 1882 at the exhibition in Moscow received a gold medal and the Order of St. Anne, 2nd class. Participant in the exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876. At the exhibition in Antwerp in 1885, he received an honorary diploma. In 1900, he received a bronze medal at the Paris exhibition. Since 1886, a trading company, authorized capital of 330,000 rubles. Suppliers to the Highest Court, the court of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich, and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, the English king, medals and honorary diplomas at Russian and international exhibitions from 1865 to 1880. There is mention of the Postnikov firm in 1826. The firm was known until 1917. The store had a large selection of silverware: robes, frames, church utensils, folding screens, dishes, albums, trays, vases, clocks, cups, sets, and other large and small items. In 1870, a special school for training master jewelers was opened with 47 students. 1889: Kuznetsky Bridge, Popova House. 1895-1910: factory, management: Andrey Mikhailovich - director, directors: Alexey Andreevich and Dmitry Andreevich. Address: S.-Petersburgskoe Shosse, behind Tverskaya Zastava, building D; store: Tverskaya, Pass. Postnikova. Sons: Alexander, Alexey, Nikolay, Dmitry. Postnikova-Loseva: hallmarks # 2229-2232.

22 Jun 2024

CountryRussian Empire until 1917

By the manufacturer Factory A.M. Postnikov's

Type Decorating

Lot location Saint Petersburg ( 78 )

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