Vintage set of 6 pieces.

Walther Glas

Винтажный Набор из 6 предметовВинтажный Набор из 6 предметовВинтажный Набор из 6 предметовВинтажный Набор из 6 предметовВинтажный Набор из 6 предметовВинтажный Набор из 6 предметовВинтажный Набор из 6 предметов
Винтажный Набор из 6 предметов

Made of high-quality "Crystal" glass with the addition of magnesium oxide. Ornament: relief flowers made of pink and frosted glass, handmade.

1) Large tray or serving dish. Diameter - 310mm.

2) Vase, creamer. Height - 120mm. Diameter - 130mm.

3) Two fruit vases. Height - 80mm. Diameter - 130mm.

4) Two candy dishes. Height - 35mm. Diameter - 160mm.

The set is in excellent, collectible condition. Without any visible or invisible defects. WALTHER GLAS is a German manufacturer of glassware. The company's products are highly sought after by lovers of beautiful home dining and representatives of the restaurant and hotel business.

The history of WALTHER GLAS began in 1865 in the city of Sachen – that's where the first glass workshop was created. Today, it is a large enterprise for the production of decorative tableware, employing only experienced and talented specialists.

The main advantages of WALTHER GLAS are impeccable quality, practicality, and modern design. This is how the German company has won the love and recognition of buyers in Asia, Europe, and North America.

The WALTHER GLAS collection includes over 500 different types of glass products. Thanks to the addition of magnesium oxide, the dishes are shiny and transparent.

An important feature of WALTHER GLAS is its affordable price. Unlike most German brands, WALTHER GLAS does not raise the price of its tableware, making it accessible to the majority of Russian consumers.

In the WALTHER GLAS collections, you can find:

  • Serving dishes and fruit bowls
  • Flower vases
  • Deep salad bowls
  • Tiered fruit bowls
  • Sugar bowls, candy dishes, serving trays, and baskets
  • Wine glasses, champagne glasses, and port glasses
  • Beer glasses, shot glasses, and liqueur glasses
  • Glass containers and creamers

WALTHER GLAS creates only functional tableware – products that are truly needed in every kitchen for every housewife or chef. Serving dishes are suitable for presenting meat, vegetable, and fish platters, cakes, fruit platters, canapés, seafood, cheese, pastries, and other sweet treats.

31 Mar 2024

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