A pair of ducks.


Пара утокПара утокПара утокПара утокПара уток
Пара уток

Hered Manufactory, Hungary. Collectible figurine "Pair of Ducks". The stamp is dated 1949-1960. Dimensions: height 7 cm, length 10.8 cm, width 8 cm. The figurine depicting a pair of ducks looks realistic. This model was produced in different color variations. The decor is complemented by a hand-painted famous "grid" pattern. This lot will be a worthy addition to your collection! "Herend" porcelain figurines in traditional painting are known worldwide, but the "Grid Herend" pattern represents one of the most beloved groups of porcelain figurines for collectors. This type of figurine has been produced since 1860, when the first figurine of a rooster with a red grid was created for a well-known author who used the pseudonym "Rooster with Attitude" in newspapers. The decor itself is much older, as it appeared on early Chinese porcelain figurines as a stylized image of bird feathers and fish scales. The "Herend" masters gave the Chinese prototype, like many other decorations coming from the Far East, a distinct touch and created a decor style unique to this manufactory. Condition: excellent preservation, without damage or restoration, age 1949-1960, Hered brand, size cm W.8 * H.7 * D.10.8, porcelain material, good preservation condition, without damage or restorations.

15 May 2024

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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