Amphora decorative vase with lustre glaze

Чехословацкая керамическая ваза-амфора

Stoneware. Floral-shaped form with ovoid body, ribbed narrow neck, and accentuated lip rim. From the base, four large, elongated, rolled-in leaves emerge, forming the handles and loops, with four small, dark leaves in between. Gold luster glaze, with the leaves adorned with red glaze or painting, combined with gold decoration. Several manufacturer's press and stamp marks, including a crown, "AMPHORA," and an oval mark "Amphora (/) Made in Czechoslovakia," impressed numbers "58 (/) 3947," and the letter "G." Height: 25 cm. A Czechoslovakian Amphora stoneware vase with gold luster glaze and gold decor. Marked. Czechoslovakian, Turn-Teplitz, Amphora Works, circa 1918-1920.

10 Jul 2024

143 000,00


Country<Not determined>

Type Вазы

Lot location Kirov region. ( 43 )

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