Керамическая  фигурка работы Гольдшайдера

Stoneware. On a round, partially faceted plinth stands a Pierrette with a mask. Colorfully painted or staffed. Model number 5532. Minimal restoration; either Stefan Dakon (attributed), around 1925. Company mark with the inscription "HAND DECORATED" and "MADE IN AUSTRIA". Height 31 cm. See Dechant/Goldscheider, page 409. An Austrian glazed and painted earthenware figure by Goldscheider. Model number 5532, attributed to Stefan Dakon. Factory mark, inscribed "HAND DECORATED" and "MADE IN AUSTRIA". Minor restoration. Austria. Vienna. Friedrich Goldscheider. Around 1925-1938.

07 Dec 2023

Lot location Magadan Oblast. ( 49 )

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