Running Horses


Running HorsesRunning HorsesRunning HorsesRunning HorsesRunning HorsesRunning HorsesRunning Horses
Running Horses

Super RARE!!! In super CONDITION!!, it represents a collector's interest. A real FIND for a true COLLECTOR!!! The collectible porcelain composition "RUNNING HORSES" by the famous Hutschenreuther (Hutschenreuther) manufactory, author M.H.FRITZ (Max Heinrich Fritz), attributed by the mark to the years 1968 - 1970 of production. Porcelain, polychrome painting, overglaze mark, author's signature in the paste. 100% handmade. Everything is made in the best traditions of Hutschenreuther - of the highest quality.

The Hutschenreuther manufactory was founded in 1814 by Karl Mangus Hutschenreuther. It was one of the first private porcelain factories in Germany, in Eger (in the lands of Northern Bavaria). After Karl Mangus' death, in 1857, his son, Lorenz, continued his father's work in the German city of Selb. In the future, this place became a center of porcelain production in Germany, similar to Limoges in France and Staffordshire in England. Initially, in Selb, only white consumer porcelain was produced. In the 1880s, the factory established the production of well-decorated tableware and hotel porcelain. And by the end of the 19th century, an artistic porcelain workshop was created under the factory. Today, "Hutschenreuther" is one of the largest porcelain factories in Germany and a significant producer of porcelain tableware, figurines, and other porcelain products in Europe. The trademark of "Hutschenreuther" products is the mark of a "lion". It is valued worldwide as a sign of very high quality. The factory continues to operate successfully to this day, and its inclusion in the Rosenthal Group confirms the highest quality of its products.

The porcelain sculpture "Running Horses" is executed with extraordinary skill and attention to detail!! The mesmerizing view of the extraordinary plasticity and realism of the composition, a very stylish and harmonious figurine!! Due to display storage, it is in perfect condition without chips or cracks.

The figurine is quite large and requires space.

Dimensions: Maximum height - 28 cm, base dimensions 28 cm x 15 cm, maximum length of the figure - 41 cm, maximum weight - 3.5 kg.

01 Jul 2024

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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