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"Pyaterka" by author E.I. Gatilova. Size 15 - 12 - 32.5 cm.

The porcelain sculpture "Pyaterka" depicts a proud schoolgirl who has received an excellent grade - one of the characteristic examples of porcelain plastic art from the "golden collection" of the DZP.

This figurine was created in 1956 by Yevgeniya Gatilova, a People's Artist of the Russian Federation and a true classic of porcelain miniatures, who worked at the factory for 35 years.

In her work, E.I. Gatilova often turned to moments from the "usual life of ordinary people", to the theme of childhood, and her works are distinguished by plastic expressiveness, the ability to "capture the moment" and embody living human emotions in porcelain.

"Pyaterka" is a rather large sculpture with finely detailed features (its height is 31 centimeters).

It belongs to the category of restored sculptures - accurate factory copies of the lost original model, executed with great skill. The figurine is made of solid glazed porcelain and is hand-painted with underglaze colors.

At the same time, each figurine is marked with the master's stamp of individuality and is essentially unique. And on the base, in addition to the trademark DZP stamp, you will find two surnames - the author of the form (E.I. Gatilova) and the artist who painted the work.

05 Jul 2024

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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