Three sisters

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Three sistersThree sisters
Three sisters

Sculpture "Three Sisters" by Brzhezitskaya A.D.

"Three Sisters" is one of the magnificent examples of porcelain sculpture. The composition, depicting the heroines of Chekhov's famous play, frozen in anticipation of a better life, was created based on the model of the famous sculptor-ceramist Asta Brzhezitskaya and can become an excellent gift for any connoisseur of artistic porcelain or a person interested in Russian literature. And on the official website of the Dulevo Porcelain Factory, you can purchase this collectible sculpture at an optimal price, while receiving a guarantee of the product's authenticity.

Asta Brzhezitskaya is one of the most famous Russian porcelain artists of the 20th century.

For half a century, she worked at the Dulevo Porcelain Factory, and her sculptures were always highly valued - they delighted those who acquired them as interior decorations, collectors of porcelain, and specialists alike.

The sculptor's concise, expressive, highly emotional, and psychological works have entered the collections of many famous museums (including the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery).

Sculptural compositions on literary themes, embodying scenes from works that have become classics of Russian and world literature, are among the most recognizable works of Brzhezitskaya.

The perfect arrangement of scenes, expressive poses, and recognizable moments captured by the sculptor turn such works into true masterpieces. "Three Sisters" is not the only sculpture of this series presented in catalogs.

06 Jul 2024

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