Jumping Jack


Прыгающий ДжекПрыгающий ДжекПрыгающий ДжекПрыгающий ДжекПрыгающий ДжекПрыгающий Джек
Прыгающий Джек

Giuseppe Armani

Narrative composition Gulliver's World "Jumping Jack". Jumping Jack Looking at the figurine, you receive a lot of positive emotions!

Like all Capodimonte works, it is made with handcrafted details! Painted in soft pastel tones. The factory mark FLORENS and the author's stamp G. ARMANI are impressed into the dough.

The figurine is on a wooden pedestal, the author's name Armani is impressed into the porcelain mass.

Excellent condition. Size 30 cm x 17 cm.

12 May 2024

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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