Lady with a muff


Леди с муфтойЛеди с муфтойЛеди с муфтойЛеди с муфтойЛеди с муфтойЛеди с муфтой
Леди с муфтой

Giuseppe Armani Lady with Muff Figurine

ARTIST: Giuseppe Armani (Florence, Italy) NAME: Lady with Muff SERIES: My Fair Lady Model Number: 388 C FLORENS G Armani, ART - DECO


Presented here is a very rare figurine

A gorgeous beauty with a muff! She bears a striking resemblance to the Bulagkov character Margarita

An elegant and refined lady in the style of the wild 1920s

The Nepmen created their own society, with its own principles, manner of communication, and style of clothing, which implied frivolity, mannerism, and a clear display of wealth!

Women at that time wore silk stockings, smoked cigarettes held in holders, dressed in dresses with lowered waistlines, had short haircuts, and wore flirtatious hats and boas! They looked stunningly beautiful! Ellochka-Lyudoedka and Bulagkov's Margarita were bright representatives of this interesting period!

You have the opportunity to acquire this luxurious model!!!

Vividly and clearly detailed

All handmade.

The figurine is placed on a lacquered wooden stand with the iron emblem (plaque) of the FLORENS GIUSEPPE ARMANI company.

The company's stamp and the master's initials are pressed into the dough!

Excellent condition

Height: 48.5 cm

12 May 2024

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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