Main rules of the auction

All visitors to the online auction have the opportunity to view the offers/advertisements of Registered Users for the sale of goods (or "lots"), search for relevant offers/advertisements, and monitor the progress of the bidding for the lots being sold.

Registered Users

Each Registered User (also referred to as "User") is given a personal section called "Profile" (also referred to as "account") upon registration on the website. Through this section, the User has the opportunity to access all the services of the Auction. The User can create a "nickname" - a name under which other Users will see them.


A Buyer is considered a Registered User who participates in the auction (bidding) with the intention of purchasing a product.

To participate in the auction, the Buyer must:

1) click on the "place a bid" button on the product description page;

2) indicate the amount they are willing to pay for the lot (place a bid). The winner of the auction is the Buyer whose bid is the highest during the bidding process.

All clarifying questions about the lot, delivery, payment, etc. should be asked in the lot discussion form before placing a bid or making a purchase. It is prohibited to share contact information through the website forums or attempt to make a purchase outside of the established Auction procedure. If such actions are detected, the Auction reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block the corresponding account at its own discretion.

The sales conditions described in the lot are an integral part of the offer to sell the corresponding product. A Buyer who has not familiarized themselves with these conditions is not exempt from complying with them and is not entitled to change them after completing the transaction.

By placing a bid and winning the auction, the Buyer is obligated to purchase the lot at the offeredThis text contains terms and conditions for an online auction platform. Below is the translation of the text:

at a price set by them.

All services of the online auction are free of charge.

The auction is not responsible for the actions of Buyers and the accuracy of the information provided by them to counterparties or the auction.

Listing an item for sale

The Seller is considered a Registered User who has listed item(s) for sale.

When listing an item for sale, the Seller agrees to comply with the following rules:

  1. Items must be listed in the appropriate category. Only if there is no corresponding category for the item on the Site, Sellers are allowed to list items in the "Miscellaneous" category.
  2. The item description must clearly specify what product or service, in what quantity/assortment, and of what quality the Buyer will receive. Photos of the item must be attached, reflecting its condition to the fullest extent possible, including any existing defects.
  3. The "Location of the item" field must indicate the actual location of the item, not the location of the Seller.
  4. Listing contact and payment information, as well as links to competitor websites and third-party resources, or any other data that may facilitate the sale of items outside the Auction, is prohibited in the item description.
  5. Including information about giveaways, contests, lotteries, prize giveaways, or any other similar information in item descriptions is prohibited.
  6. Listing a different price for the item than the specified price is prohibited.
  7. Listing offers to sell the item in parts or per unit of measurement, exchange, sell additional items, or provide additional services at a price not included in the item's price is prohibited.
  8. Listing the need for the buyer to inquire about the availability of the item in the item description is prohibited. The auction format assumes that the item is available and is not simultaneously listed for sale on another platform.
  9. Intentionally setting an excessively high starting price for the item is prohibited.
The delivery cost of goods. The relative cost of delivery refers to the average cost of delivery of similar goods listed on the Auction at the time of lot moderation.
  • It is prohibited to list the same item or service for sale twice or more times in the same or different categories.
  • It is prohibited to sell items whose trade infringes the current legislation of the Russian Federation. List of prohibited goods and services.
  • During the auction, the use of "auction boosting" is prohibited, meaning bidding on auctions through dummy participants, bots, or from the seller's own accounts.
  • For violation of the aforementioned rules, the Auction has the right to forcibly edit or delete the lot listings. Additionally, the account of the violator may be temporarily or permanently blocked (for repeat offenses).

    The Auction has the right to request additional photos and/or videos confirming the fact that the Seller owns a specific lot. In case of justified doubts about the Seller's good faith, suspicious lots will be removed from the auction.

    The Seller is not charged a fee for listing a product for sale. In case the auction is successfully completed, the Seller is obliged to sell the item at the established price.

    After listing a lot for Auctions, the lot undergoes Auction verification (moderation).

    Featured lot - such lots are always displayed in a special list of lots corresponding to the visitor's query. Thus, a lot with the Featured status has the highest chances of being noticed by potential Buyers, which increases the chances of its sale.

    The Auction is not responsible for the actions of Sellers and the accuracy of information provided by them to third parties or the Auction itself.


    During the trading sessionии (Trading - time from the beginning of placing the lot to its completion), you can place a bid only ONCE. If the Auction continues, at the Seller's discretion, another bid can be made. That is, one trading session - one bid. The minimum bid size is determined by the maximum previous price and the trading step size (the value set by the Auction). The bid cannot be lower than the current bid or price if no bids have been made. The maximum bid size cannot be twice the current bid size. Example: the lot has a price of 2000, the auction step is 100. You can make any bid in the range from 2100 to 4000, that is, 2300, 2500, 3900. If the auction did not achieve the desired result If the Seller is unsatisfied with the auction results, they extend the auction period. Bids made in the previous round are canceled, and the auction starts again. Deal After the completion of the auction, i.e. when a Buyer is found, the Seller and the Buyer gain access to exchange information about the transaction and to the transaction form in the messaging system to complete the deal. If the seller has not specified their own rules for payment and delivery of lots, the following sequence of interactions between transaction partners is accepted by default: 1. The Seller contacts the Buyer immediately after the auction ends and provides the payment details or, in the case of cash payment during a personal meeting, other necessary information to successfully complete the transaction, as well as the total purchase amount. 2. The Buyer contacts the Seller and makes the payment for the lot within 3 working days (or within the time specified in the lot description, if a longer period is indicated) after receiving the details. After making the payment, the Buyer informs the Seller of the necessary payment information that will allow them to identify the buyer unequivocally.Within 7 working days after receiving payment to the provided details, the Seller sends the Buyer the goods according to the stated characteristics (photos, description), the cost of the lot (item plus shipping), shipping conditions (packaging, method and delivery time), and informs the Buyer of the shipment details (tracking number for postal shipments). The Seller may set their own deadline for sending the lot, which should be clearly indicated in the lot description. The transaction is considered completed if the Buyer has paid the specified price for the lot and the Seller has received the funds and sent the purchase to the specified address or handed over the lot during a personal meeting. The transaction is considered unsuccessful if one of the parties has not fulfilled their obligations. The Buyer and the Seller have the opportunity to report the status of the transaction (whether it took place or not) through the lot status form. In the event that the transaction did not take place, the Seller must provide a detailed explanation for the reason. During communication, the use of obscene language and derogatory statements is prohibited. (Note: there are many expressions that are not obscene but are unacceptable in communication). Attention! Buyers also have the opportunity to inform the Auction about the status of the transaction. Cases where the Buyer and the Seller disagree on the success of the transaction will be dealt with by the Auction on an individual basis. In case of discovering dishonest behavior on the part of the Seller, sanctions will be applied, up to blocking the ability to list items for sale and/or access to the website. Porcelain figurines