Delivery and payment

There are many sellers trading at the auction. Each of them sets their own rules for payment and delivery of lots. This information is available on the lot information page and/or on their profile page.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with it before purchasing a lot. Make sure you have the ability to pay for the lot in the method specified by the seller. Make sure the lot is delivered to your region. If you have any doubts, ask the seller a question through the "Contact Seller" form.

If you buy a lot and are unable to fulfill the payment conditions, the seller will be forced to leave you a negative review, which may lead to restrictions on purchases and/or blocking of your account on the auction.

If the seller has not specified their own rules for payment and delivery of lots, the following order of interaction between transaction partners is accepted by default:

1. The seller contacts the buyer within 3 days from the end of the auction and provides the buyer with payment details or, in the case of cash payment during a personal meeting, other information necessary for the successful completion of the transaction, and the total purchase amount.

2. The buyer contacts the seller and makes the payment for the lot within 3 working days (or within the time specified in the lot description, if a longer period is indicated) after receiving the payment details. After payment according to the details, the buyer informs the seller of the necessary payment information that will allow them to identify the buyer as the payer.

3. In the case of cash payment, the buyer contacts the seller within 3 working days after receiving the information from the seller and arranges a personal meeting.

4. Within 7 working days after receiving the payment according to the provided details, the seller sends the buyer the goods according to the declared characteristics (photos, description), the cost of the lot (item plus delivery), the conditions of shipment (packaging, method and time of delivery), and informs the buyer of the shipment details (tracking number for postal shipments). The seller may set their own deadline for sending the lot, which should be clearly indicated in the lot description.