"Miniature portrait of Princess Elizabeth Wilhelmina Louise of Württemberg."

Henry Friedrich Fueger

"Миниатюрный портрет принцессы Елизаветы Вильгельмине Луизы Вюртембергской"

(1751 Heilbronn - 1818 Wien) attributed; Miniature portrait of Princess Elisabeth Wilhelmine Louise of Württemberg, Archduchess of Austria (1767-1790) Round half-length portrait facing left. Dressed in a blue dress with an exposed lace collar. Bordered by a column and a draped curtain, light brown background. Fine tempera painting. Reverse inscribed "Archduchess Elisabeth, born Princess of Württemberg" and numbered "No. 22". Brass frame. D. 6.7 cm. Heinrich Friedrich Füger came to the imperial court in Wien in 1774. There he created a large number of portraits of nobility and personalities from politics and society. In 1795, he became the director of the Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1806, he was appointed director of the Imperial Picture Gallery. His works can be found, among others, in the Albertina in Wien and in the National Gallery in Berlin. The portrayal of the Archduchess corresponds to the depiction of the materiality and the hair with silver highlights in Füger's technique and shows similarities to the painting by J.B. Lampi from 1784 in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. See Robert Keil, WV No. 162 ff.; Schidlof, Vol. I, p. 273 ff. A Vienna miniature portrait of Archduchess Elisabeth Wilhelmine of Austria attributed to Heinrich Friedrich Füger (1751-1818). Titled and numbered on the back. Framed.

07 Feb 2024

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Author Henry Friedrich Fueger

Style Portrait

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