"Romantic Landscape of a Dutch Artist: Water, Shepherds, and Cows"

Joseph August Knip

"Романтический пейзаж голландского художника: вода, пастухи и коровы"

(1777 Tilburg - 1847 Berlicum) Dutch river landscape with a shepherd and cows at the watering hole. A romantic atmospheric landscape by the versatile Dutch artist, son of the painter Nicolaas Frederik Knip. In 1801, Knip settled in Paris, and at the end of 1809, he went to Rome, where he stayed until 1812 and undertook study trips through Italy. In 1813, he returned to the Netherlands, initially settling in 's-Hertogenbosch; later he worked in Amsterdam (1817-1823), Nijmegen (1820/21), Paris (1823-1827), and The Hague (1827-1836). In 1832, Knip established himself. A comparable painting in terms of motif and composition is a landscape in the Collectie Nederland, Amsterdam (Inv. No. NK 1956). Oil on canvas. Signed and dated 1830 (?). 66 cm x 88 cm. Framed.

07 Jun 2024

385 400,00


CountryThe Netherlands

Author Joseph August Knip

Style Landscape

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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