"BEFORE PURCHASING / MAKING A BID - PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THE LOT FROM BEGINNING TO END, WHICH STATES THAT THE BUYER MAKING A BID WITH SUBSEQUENT ACQUISITION / PURCHASING THE LOT AT A FIXED PRICE FULLY CONFIRMS THEIR AGREEMENT WITH THE FOLLOWING RULES AND THEIR STRICT COMPLIANCE !!! BEFORE PURCHASING, VERIFY AVAILABILITY THROUGH THE "ASK SELLER A QUESTION" SECTION. ALL LOTS ARE LISTED FOR SALE FREELY, AND AT THE TIME OF YOUR PURCHASE / MADE BID, THEY COULD HAVE BEEN SOLD ELSEWHERE! A STRONG REQUEST - TO MAKE ONLY CONSIDERED BIDS / PURCHASES! To counterparties with low ratings, especially 0 (zero) and below... - DO NOT MAKE ILL-CONSIDERED BETS!!! As this takes away precious time for the goods-money relationship, and for you, this trading platform will subsequently close access as a participant. The assortment is updated every week, often with many interesting items - look, choose, communicate the lots of your thematic interest, not only similar in size and weight characteristics (always discuss your potential acquisition preferences with the seller before purchasing / making a bid with subsequent purchase). CONDITION / VISUAL REPRESENTATION IS MAXIMALLY DISPLAYED IN THE PHOTO! SHIPPING ONLY WITHIN RUSSIA ! COD PAYMENT NOT AVAILABLE! I DO NOT MEET IN PERSON (due to the degree of busyness) (within the city of Omsk / Omsk Oblast) THE PRODUCT YOU PURCHASED IS PAYABLE STRICTLY ACCORDING TO THE DECLARED LOT VALUE PLUS THE DECLARED COST OF POSTAL SHIPPING TO OMSK AND OMSK OBLAST, INCLUSIVE! PAYMENT IS MADE TO SBERBANK CARD (DECLARED LOT VALUE PLUS DECLARED SHIPPING COST) ALL QUESTIONS / AGREEMENTS REGARDING THE COMPLETION OF SEVERAL LOTS (EXCEPT LOTS "STARTING FROM 1 RUBLE", AS WELL AS THEIR PURCHASE AT "BUY IT NOW" PRICE) IN ONE POSTAL SHIPMENT, PLEASE NOTIFY ME BEFORE PURCHASING / MAKING A BID! LOTS STARTING FROM "1 RUBLE" ARE NOT COMBINED IN ONE POSTAL SHIPMENT, EXCEPT FOR THOSE LOTS THAT COThe items were previously discussed (i.e., before the moment of purchase/bidding) with the subsequent acquisition at a "flash price"!!! The cost of postage for each lot with a starting bid at "1 ruble" is paid separately!!! Communication through internal mail within 2 days from the end of the auction/acquisition at a fixed price!!! Failure to communicate will result in an immediate negative review! Payment for the acquired lot must be made within 3 days from the receipt of payment details/information! Dear buyers - after purchasing/payment of the lot, please specify your NICKNAME, full name, and the LOT NUMBER in the message through this trading platform's internal mail. Sending of the lot is done ONCE A WEEK, on Tuesdays, after receiving confirmation of payment, EXCLUDING CASES/WARNINGS FROM MY SIDE ABOUT THE INABILITY TO SEND LOTS WITHIN THE EARLY DEADLINE, TAKING INTO ACCOUNT FORCE MAJEURE CIRCUMSTANCES! I GUARANTEE QUALITY/RELIABLE PACKAGING, WHICH REQUIRES APPROPRIATE MATERIAL EXPENSES INCLUDED IN THE DECLARED COST OF POSTAL DELIVERY! I DO NOT SEND GOODS THROUGH "PENNY COST" BY POSTAL PIGEONS FROM POINT "A" TO POINT "B"! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WORK OF THE RUSSIAN POST OFFICE, AS WELL AS TRANSPORT COMPANIES/COURIER SERVICES! (Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Article 458... the seller's obligation to deliver the goods to the buyer is considered fulfilled at the moment of handing over the goods to the carrier or postal organization for delivery to the buyer...) In the event of loss of the shipment, the buyer will receive a receipt for sending the lot by registered mail and takes further steps to search for the package/parcel/registered letter/postal item.

30 Mar 2024

11 500,00


CountryUSSR 1961 - 1985

Type Decorating

Lot location Omsk region. ( 55 )

Check the delivery methods with the seller when making a purchase

Please check the payment methods with the seller when making a purchase

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