Elegant handle bowl

Стрыйчная чаша с элегантной ручкой.

Silver. Over narrow, slightly tapered base, oval bowl with straight, smooth wall. Designed in the form of a basket with overlapping, hinged handle. Created by the renowned silversmith Iwan Sergejewitsch Lebedkin (1896-1908), Master I.F. Sapogov (active since 1896). Weighs approximately 485 grams. Height is 17 cm, dimensions are 22.5 cm x 16 cm. See Postnikova-Losseva, 1995, number 2531; Goldberg, page 95, illustration 1936. An elegant Russian silver handled bowl in the shape of a basket by I.F. Sapogov (active since 1896). Standard mark 84, assay, assay master's and master's mark. Russia. Moscow. Circa 1900.

13 May 2024

120 500,00



YearОколо 1900 года.



Type Decorative items

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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