Barocker Kredenzteller translates to "Baroque serving plate" in English.

Позолоченная серебряная тарелка

Silver, partially gilded. Slightly recessed, smooth mirror, transitioning into a wide, surface-covering masterfully relief-sculpted and punched flag with large pomegranates, framed by floral vines. Set, knifed edge. Signed, inspected mark, Master Hanß Heinrich von Dort (became a master in 1689). Weight approximately 248 g. Diameter 28.7 cm. Compare Schliemann, Vol. II, No. 45, 304, comparable to work 6. A North German parcel-gilt silver Baroque plate by Hanß Heinrich von Dort (master since 1689). Assay and master's mark. German. Hamburg. Around 1690.

03 Dec 2023

528 000,00


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Lot location Rostov Oblast ( 61 )

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