Lalique Glass, crystal

Lalique is one of the oldest companies that specializes in the production of artistic glass and crystal products. The history of this French brand began in the 19th century, when an unknown young master started creating his first Lalique ornaments. Over time, the talented jeweler was able to win the hearts of a huge number of fans in his homeland of France and around the world. For example, the famous theater diva Sarah Bernhardt simply adored René Lalique's designs. Thanks to this actress, the master's creations gained special popularity among elite circles. The beginning of the Lalique house's history can be traced back to the opening of its own studio in 1889, where various glass products were created. The products made by the workshop were signed with the master's name. René Lalique became known as the best designer, jeweler, and glassblower of his time. The master's style to this day is distinguished by its unique elegance and sophistication, which originated in the Art Nouveau style. The first Lalique store appeared in Paris in 1905. Soon, René started making bottles for the famous perfumes of the fashion house Coty. Lalique bottles lend a special elitism to expensive perfumes. These unique art objects have great artistic value thanks to their unusual design and unique production techniques. In 1910, the designer acquired a small factory in Combs-la-Ville, and in 1918, he bought a large factory in Alsace. The company was engaged in the production of various glass and crystal products, such as vases, lighting fixtures, jewelry, and more. The designer developed and implemented his own method of glass casting under pressure, which is still used today. Today, the Lalique brand preserves the secrets of its unique techniques, including the method of producing magnificent opalescent glass. The production of modern products uses Lalique's original colored glass, as well as famous glass coated with colored enamel. Lalique releasedThe brand Lalique, founded at the end of the 19th century, is now considered a recognized benchmark of French chic. It is rightfully considered a world leader in the production of artistic glass and crystal objects by Lalique. Currently, the Lalique company is engaged in the production of jewelry, decorative elements, designer interior items, perfume products, and various art objects. The brand's concept continues the endeavors of the ingenious master - the company's founder. The firm produces exclusive Rene Lalique jewelry, bottles, art objects, and creates unique decorative items within the brand. The company employs talented designers who annually create new collections. The creative team of the company finds inspiration in three themes that were close to the brand's founder - Rene Lalique: female figures, images of animals, and plants. In creating new designs, Lalique specialists employ both traditional techniques, such as sketches and modeling, as well as new computer technologies, such as 3D printing. The product improvement process continues in the factory workshops. Each item, such as a Lalique vase, undergoes up to 40 different stages of production. The brand is constantly evolving, creating new magnificent things. The company's modern designers work to reinterpret Lalique's rich cultural traditions while preserving all the distinctive and recognized characteristics."It is not always possible to buy original Lalique products in Moscow. In our store, the best Lalique items are presented at a very attractive price. Lalique style continues to remain trendy, proving the timeless value of authentic works of art."